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What is the cheapest van hire company in Cardiff?

There are many van hire companies to rent a van in and around the Cardiff area.

Before you can get the best quote, you need to decide on the type and size of van you need. To do this you need to know the size of stuff the plan to move and the weight. For example if you plan to move very heavy items, such as a washing machine, you will need a vehicle with an electric tail lift.

If you are moving a 3 peace suite then you will need a van that is longer than the item. Once you know what you are moving you can search for the right size of van.

Vans go from small panel vans such as the popular Citroen Berlingo to large Luton Type vans which have an electric tail gate to aid loading. Vehicles in this size range can be driven on a standard car licence.

Ford Van cardiff

The standard UK driving licence covers category B, which allows the holder to drive any vehicle weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Anything over this weight will require an additional licence, so if you need a vehicle over this weight you will need to hire a suitable driver.

What is the cheapest van hire company in Cardiff

For small to large Luton vans you can compare multiple van hire quotes with, who will search multiple rental companies and display the best prices they find. You can then make an informed choice. It pays to book in advance as many van sell out fast during busy period.

It is always preferable to arrange your move on a good weather day, but this is not always the case.

You can check out the local Cardiff weather Click here for local info from the BBC.

Cardiff by night. Top night clubs and pubs

Cardiff by night

There is plenty to do in Cardiff after dark.

Buzzing, unique and bloody bootiful; Cardiff is famed for its rich cultural heritage and ultra-friendly ambience. Chipper, the bars, clubs and pubs in Cardiff are a rowdy rabble of cool cocktail hangouts, raucous student clubs and authentically-rustic pubs.

With so many options available, making plans for a night out in Cardiff can be a somewhat tricky task – but that’s where we come in. If you’re planning a stag do or hen party, looking for Cardiff’s best bar, or are just on the hunt for something a little different to do in the city; use our handy search to filter down on the best clubs, bars and pubs Cardiff has to offer.


1) Retro Cardiff

2) Ladybird

3) The Gravity Station

4) Brewhouse

5) The Heath

6) The Glee Club

7) Walkabout

8) Ba Orient

9) WOW Bar

10) PepperMint Cardiff

TOP TEN PUBS in Cardiff

Current top 10
1) City Arms
2) Rummer Tavern
3) Albany
4) Pen And Wig
5) Claude Hotel
6) Goat Major
7) Queens Vaults
8) Mochyn Du
9) Crwys
10)Fox & Hounds

If you would like to vote for any pub let us know.

Hotels in Cardiff

Cardiff, as a city, has too many hotels and is believed to be one of the most under-performing cities in Europe with regard to “bums on beds”. One of the main attractions is the Principality Stadium, until recently known as The Millennium Stadium, which hosts all manner of events; it is not just the home of Welsh Rugby. Some famous bands and artists have appeared at sell out crowds there, and it has hosted some major concerts including the famous Tsunami Relief Concert in 2005 which sold out in 20 minutes in a bid to raise money for the victims of the dreadful disaster in Asia. Cardiff is also the leading business hub and capital city of Wales.

In, or very close to, the centre there is a diverse range of hotels to stay in ranging from simple bread and breakfast establishments right up to the prestigious, and the only five star hotel in Cardiff, The St. David’s Hotel and Spa situated overlooking Cardiff Bay. This hotel is Wales’ most prestigious business and pleasure break hotel offering luxury in contemporary surroundings. There are several hotels in the Cardiff Bay area serving many businesses that have relocated there during its expansion. Cardiff Bay is also home to the The Welsh Government building known as The Senedd.

The majority of B&Bs are situated on Cathedral Road, a 5 to 10 minute walk from the centre. On the eastern side of the city centre is Newport Road. There one may find a few B&Bs but they tend to have been occupied with DSS and asylum seekers, a little less down market. The hotels in Cathedral Road range from simple owner operated B&B premises to the boutique hotel, Jolyons (which has a sister hotel in Cardiff Bay). When Cardiff has a major event, these hotels fill up quickly because they (normally) provide very good value for money. There have been complaints, though, in the past, of scrupulous hoteliers racking up the rates when there is a major event being staged in Cardiff. This was particularly true during the World Cup Rugby 2015 when Cardiff hosted a handful of matches at the Millennium Stadium.

There are some hotels on the outskirts serving the M4 business traffic. The largest and most popular is the Village Hotel in Coryton, north Cardiff which is just off the M4 motorway and serves the A470 up to the Rhondda Valleys. It is a self contained hotel for anyone, with restaurants, bars, fitness facility and spa.

In summary, on a normal day, there is a great choice of hotels to be had in Cardiff. Make sure to check your diary, though, because if there is a major event happening, you may not get a booking or, if you are fortunate enough, you may have to pay well over the odds.


International Rugby Match Days in Cardiff

Rugby World Cup in Cardiff Castle 2015
Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and has a vibrant, exciting night life. As well as the city centre, it home to Cardiff Bay, an area visited by many people. So, what is great about Cardiff. It is probably most famous for being in Wales, the land of song – and, of course, rugby! Situated right in the heart of the city is the Principality Stadium, formerly called Millennium Stadium; the home of Welsh Rugby. On rugby international match days, the city centre is totally packed with Welsh rugby supporters as well as those travelling to Cardiff for to support the away team. The biggest of all of the matches is, of course, when Wales hosts England, the old enemy. Fortunately, rugby supporters are renowned for their friendliness and there is very seldom any trouble. The only trouble that may arise is from the consumption of too much alcohol!

It is also home to hundreds of pubs. Some are national and multi-national chains, whereas some are locally owned and run and provide a more local feel. Cardiff is home to the famous local brewery, Brains. Brains Brewery supplies beers throughout south and west Wales and owns many pubs, particularly in south Wales and Cardiff city centre. Most of Brains’ pubs now serve food as well. Probably the most famous Brains pub is the Old Arcade and is a stone’s throw away from the Principality Stadium. However, don’t think you will have a quiet drink on match days; invariably the bar is three or four deep with people trying to get served and the Welsh are famous for bursting into song before and particularly after the match – especially if they have won!

Cardiff is blessed with restaurants from all four corners of the world, including: Italian, Indian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Middle-Eastern and Persian and, as would be expected, specialist Welsh restaurants. Most of them have special menus to cope on match days, but beware, the prices go up! It is imperative to book on match days; casual diners rarely find a table – it gets that busy! There are also many places to buy food “on the go” or takeaway. Cardiff has the famous “Chip Alley”; Caroline Street, home to the famous Dorothy’s Fish & Chip bar which was the first to serve Cardiff signature takeaway dish, curried chicken off the bone with chips!

Getting around on match days isn’t easy either. Private hire taxis have to be pre-booked and it is a real “scrum” trying to flag down a Hackney carriage. If you are in a better quality hotel, often the concierge will be able to organise you a cab. Another thing to take note, is that some of the roads around the Stadium are closed for several hours before and after the match, so some of the bus routes are changed to accommodate this. The train station has enormous queues and, if it’s raining, is not the best place in the world to be!

The best thing is to plan ahead. If you like the hustle and bustle of busy pubs and restaurants, then go to Cardiff city centre – but some people to eat and drink on the fringes of the city, and commute in on match days

Where to go with an escort in Cardiff

Cardiff Bay at nightOften it is the question: “I want some female company – but I do not want to be seen”. So, if you are local, married or in a relationship, and looking for some fun with Cardiff escorts, you need to know your way around and be astute – you never know who will see you!

Restaurants or hotels? Well, the choice is yours but some restaurants are very popular so you need to know the sort of restaurant that you and your friends are likely to go and avoid them at all costs. Normally, the more expensive restaurants tend to be the most intimate, but if you are driving, you also need to be aware of where you park your car. Never book a table using your real name, just in case! It is often a good idea to use cash or a pre-paid card rather than debit or credit cards so that there is no trace back to your statements, which prying eyes could easily spot. It avoids having to answer awkward questions at a later date. There are literally hundreds of restaurants in Cardiff and Cardiff Bay. Some walkable from the city centre and some just a short taxi ride away. Cardiff Bay is only a five-minute taxi ride from the city centre and is a very popular location with many pubs and restaurants overlooking the water.

Regarding hotels, in some countries it is illegal to book into an hotel with a false ID – in fact, in Turkey, a list is sent to the police every night, and any aliases chance being picked up by a squad car the next morning! However, most hotels will honour your anonymity but you should inform them first. Again, payment in cash is a good idea and you can throw away the invoice when you leave. Again, there is a large choice of hotels in Cardiff and Cardiff Bay because Cardiff is a capital city and is a regular host of major events. Most escorts will not entertain visiting a hotel unless it is at least a four star – so a B&B or guest house is out of the question!

If you are dealing with a reputable Escort Agency, they are likely to be able to give you some advice. Often, if you just want to talk and have some companionship for a lesser amount of time, some Cardiff escorts offer an incall service – that means you can visit them at a premises that they are staying in. This could be a serviced apartment, a hotel room, or even their own personal residence – though that is not so prevalent for safety and discretionary reasons. A very reputable escort agency in Cardiff is Cardiff Companions with a selection of local girls, resident in Cardiff.

Operating a Female Escort Agency in Cardiff

In all major cities, and Cardiff is no different, there is a prevalence of escorts in the form of independent girls, massage parlours (more down market) and girls who work through escort agencies. An escort agency will typically be represented by means of a modern, dynamic website which illustrates its escorts and give descriptions of their respective likes and dislikes in order to entice customers. Most escort agencies vet their girls to ensure that they are honest and trustworthy, as long as being reliable. The escort agency cannot afford to lose its reputation because one of its escort girls is unreliable or unsuitable for the job.
Cardiff Companions Escort

All the girls working through an escort agency are typically self-employed and are personally responsible for their own tax affairs and expenses. The escort agency acts as a go-between I that it organises: the marketing, advertising and promotion; runs a diary for the escorts; liaises with the clients to ensure that there is a good communication flow; and, in some cases, will organise the processing of card payments in the event that the individual escort does not have credit or debit card processing facilities, which is often the case.

There never seems to be a shortage of applications to work as an escort, so there is no real need for an escort agency to embark on a sophisticated (and often expensive) recruitment drive. Often, friends of girls already escorting, get into the business because they have heard of the excitement and most definitely of the rewards; the earnings can be quite worthwhile and pave the way to a lavish lifestyle. The main attributes are good looks, a good figure and a good sense of humour and the sort of easy going nature that lends itself to being a good companion for a short period of time.

Anyone running an escort agency in Cardiff, is likely to try and forge relationships with hotel porters, taxi drivers and the like. It is not uncommon for an hotel porter to recommend a particular agency to one of its guests. The leading hotels in Cardiff are: The Cardiff Hilton, St. Davids Hotel and Spa in Cardiff Bay, The Mecure Cardiff Holland House Hotel & Spa, The Park Plaza, The Clayton Hotel Cardiff, and the Cardiff Marriott Hotel. There are also a few hotels on the outskirts, for example, The New House Hotel and The Village Hotel Cardiff.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and has a population of 350,000. It is the 14th largest city in the UK and the largest in Wales. It is home to the National Assembly of Wales and is Wales’ main commercial operating centre. Cardiff hosts many international sports the most famous, of course, being Welsh Rugby at the Millennium Stadium. However, Cardiff also hosts international cricket and international football as well as a multitude of other supports. This, in turn, attracts a lot of visitors to the city, and to run an escort agency in Cardiff, you need to know when these large events are happening and ensure that there is a full staff available on these dates.